Afterglow film began commercial drone filming and photography services in December 2019, based in Cheshire just south of Manchester, England.


Our mission is two fold. Creatively, to eventually expand into offering more comprehensive broadcast and film production services - the start of an exciting journey, no doubt with some adventures along the way.

Second, to build out platforms and services for drone surveying for business, farming and the industrial sectors. Coming from a strong background developing software products and solving problems with techology, we have a lot of talent, experience and ideas to bring to the emerging drone services market.


  • Robin Hayward

    Robin Hayward

    BSc (Hons) Media, Production & Technology, CAA Approved Pilot

    Director, Pilot

    Robin founded Afterglow Film and is a fully CAA approved commercial drone operator.

    Robin comes from a decades long career as a software engineer, working at the forefront of techology developing products, services and solving problems with tech. Excited by the prospects of what can be acheived with drones and a new found passion for film and photography, a new adventure called.