Aerial Film & Photography

Film & TV Drone Operator

Providing aerial videoography and cinematography for film and televsion is one of our primary goals.

With a shared passion for film, cinematography, story telling and creating amazing content - it's more fun than it is work.

We are new to your industry but we all have to start somewhere.. we have the smarts, the creative eye, imagination and ambition behind us. At the moment, we are here to learn, perfect our craft and build equipment for the services you need. Any opportunity to build on our experience is welcome and while we're learning we're not charging anything more than expenses. We're a bargain.

  • CAA approved pilots
  • Full insured with public liability cover


We are based in Manchester, working across the North West and also available for bookings across the UK; we're happy to arrange accomodation for larger jobs. Get in touch and we'll take care of it all.

New Business Offer

Any services we can offer to film, TV or internet broadcast - is currently expenses only.

That means you get access to drone filming from a CAA approved pilot, fully insured, without having to pay for our time - you get a bargain, we get the industry experience.