Aerial Drone Surveys & Inspections

Agriculture & farm land

Drones are the perfect tool for providing aerial surveys and inspections of farm land and large agricultural projects. Without the need for scaffolding, helicopters, cranes, lifting platforms or increasing the health and safety risks to employees - drones can capture and map highly detailed images and video across vasts acres of land.

Using drones for surveys and inspections is not only safer, it's quicker to get the answers you need and easier to replicate when needed. We can work with you to create a specific plan of what needs to be surveyed and how it needs to be inspected - getting you exactly what you need to capture and when you need it.

  • Schedule repeat site visits
  • Automated delivery of surveys content via our bespoke platform
  • High resolution 4K images and video
  • Quick turnaround times for surveys and inspections
  • All captured imagery and video made immediately available to you
  • CAA approved pilots
  • Full insured with public liability cover

Quickly get to hard to reach areas of land, roof tops and structures up to 400ft high. Our nimble drones and cameras can be used to get upclose and often to places almost impossible to reach by humans.


We are based in Manchester, working across the North West and also available for bookings across the UK; we're happy to arrange accomodation for larger jobs. Get in touch and we'll take care of it all.